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Passing of our President - Eric Meth

It is with extreme sadness that I have to announce the death of our President, Eric Meth.

Eric was in the process of changing the structure of the club to become more technically orientated. His plan still had three years to go.

Single handedly he took over the maintenance of our repeaters & applied his access to contacts in the larger radio community to bring specialist speakers to our meetings.

It is up to the club members to keep this forward momentum going.

Please come to the meeting next week with ideas on topics, projects, summer events & people to take over the important roles Eric had assumed with such enthusiasm.

We do not have any further details but will keep you informed as best we can.

An Obituary for Eric Meth has been published. Details of visitation & funeral arrangements may be found at the following URL

David VE3RNF, Secretary 

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Upcoming Meetings

Club Meeting and Speakers


 September    Club Dues, New Year Budget and Goals, Audit. Speaker John Lorenc, VA3WM
IRLP and Echolink
 October   Speaker Phil Gebhardt. Ground Conductivity Experiment. Field Trip the following Saturday.
 November   Tech Night, Show and Tell. Bring your new gadgets, rigs, or equipment to show and present.
 December   Canned Goods Food Drive. Speaker Tentative: Kevin Clements VE3RCN Navy Radio
 January   Big Event Final Planning Meeting

Testimonials and Comments

Frank ve3sq
2017-08-15, 15:10
Very nice web site, looks professional!
OK8RF Rich
2017-01-31, 10:29
Hope you guys have good weather and good attendance like we had for the BIG EVENT #1 which I helped to organize. Wish I could come but am 6705km away … read more
VE3ISX Barry
2016-12-24, 06:51
Excellent job on your website.
The BIG EVENT #39 is now displayed on our main ONTARS.COM page and TPN7055.COM websites.
Good luck with the … read more
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