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Update 20170521 - Repeater has been returned to NPARC and has been
decommissioned currently as we look for a suitable location, etc.  

Upadate April 2016 - repeater is being reconfigured
by the Port Colborne Amateur Experimental Group
with the plan to locate in Port Colborne

Sponsor: NPARC
Custodian: N/A
System Hardware: GE Master II - Output = 60 Watts.
Pacific Research R1300 Controller
UPS Backup
Sinclair Duplexer
CX333 Antenna
Voter: None planned at this time.
Frequency: Input: 222.980 MHz FM (CTCSS 107.2 Hz)
Output: 224.580 MHz FM (CTCSS 107.2 Hz)
Notes: At this time the repeater is not in operation.
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