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Amateur radio is not just about learning electronics, acquiring and building equipment and talking to another ham in your own city or on the other side of the world. Amateur radio can be harnessed for the good of humanity. In times of disasters and power outages amateur radio can bring together families and emergency services when telephones, cell phones and commercial radio systems go down. If you wish to donate some of your time to train and be ready for a disaster than click on CANWARNARES, and SATERN to find out more.

Amateur radio is also about sending and receiving emails via radio. It is about sending and receiving photos, motion pictures, Morse Code and text. For more information, go to the Radio Amateurs of Canada web site at

NPARC sponsors amateur radio classes each year. Your cost is the price of the text book and a small fee to cover costs. If you can get a loaner text book, then there will only be the small minimal cost to you. If you would like more information about attending our amateur radio classes, please click here.

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