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a) Notice - A notice of a meeting of members shall be sent by electronic or ordinary mail to each member and the notice shall state the date, the time and the place of the meeting. The accidental omission to give notice of any meeting or the non-receipt of any notice by any member shall not invalidate any business transacted at any meeting;

b) Voting at Meetings - Every question at any meeting of members shall be decided by a majority of votes and in the case of a tie, the presiding member shall have a casting vote. In the absence of the President and the Vice-President, the members may choose any Full Member or Life Member present to act as  President pro tem. Only Full Members and Life Members shall have the right to vote at meetings of members. Voting by written proxy shall be permitted but the proxy vote shall not exceed five per cent of voting members;

c) Meetings Generally - Regular meetings shall be held monthly from September to June. An annual meeting shall be held during the month of June at which time reports of the Directors and Committee Co-ordinators shall be received. A quorum for a meeting of members shall consist of twenty (20) percent of the voting members. The  regular business of the Club may be published in the monthly bulletin or at the members meeting. The order of business at a General Meeting will be at the discretion of the President.

d) Meeting Conduct - All meetings of members, executive, committee and general, shall be conducted using parliamentary procedure.