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7.1 There shall be four (4) elected Directors as follows:

a) President - The President shall be the spokesman for the club. The President shall preside over all executive meetings and meetings of members. The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees;

b) Vice-President - The Vice-President shall perform all duties assigned by the President and, in the absence of the President, shall perform all the duties of the President. The Vice-President shall, excluding repeater equipment, maintain or oversee the maintenance of a current directory of non-monetary assets and shall be accountable to the membership for this listing of assets but not for the actual assets listed;

c) Secretary - The Secretary shall record and preserve minutes of all meetings of members and meetings of the executive. The Secretary shall, under the guidance of the Executive, carry out all correspondence of the club;

d) Treasurer - The Treasurer shall record all financial transactions of the club and shall prepare an audited financial statement for presentation at the meeting of members held in the month of November;

7.2 Co-ordinators & Managers may be appointed but not limited to;

a) Bulletin Editor - The Bulletin Editor shall be responsible for the production and distribution of the club bulletin. The Bulletin Editor shall send a copy of the bulletin to each club member entitled to receive it;

b) Public Relations Officer - The Public Relations officer shall be responsible for promoting the Club's activities in the media and for bringing these activities to the attention of the public and he shall be responsible for promotion of the Club at local amateur radio classes.

c) Repeater Committee Manager - With the assistance of the members of the Repeater Committee, shall oversee the function of the committee which is to properly and legally operate and maintain the Club’s repeater equipment for the benefit of and use by Club members and, as Club policy may permit, amateur radio operators in general. Also, this manager shall maintain, or oversee the maintenance of, a current directory of repeater equipment and shall be accountable to the membership for this listing of repeater equipment but not for the actual equipment listed.

7.3 Niagara ARES Emergency Coordinator

               If the Emergency Coordinator is a Full Member of the Club they will become an ex officio member of the Executive.