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It is with great sadness that I must announce the passing of a very prominent member of the Amateur Radio community.

David Wilson

Our very own David Wilson, VE3BBN, passed while in the company of his family.  His ongoing struggle with his health conditions that many were aware of, finally took the last spark of strength from him on December 22, 2017 at the age of 78.

The information and details passed to me are that he has already been cremated and rests peacefully now in his son’s hands.  Scattering of his ashes will be done by his son at a later date.  Indications are that he will “cast them to the wind” at Signal Hill, Newfoundland.  A very prominent location for the radio community and from where many radio operators have taken their signals and “cast them to the wind” in the past and still do to this day using the station VO1AA or VO1AAA.

Dave was a good friend of all and liked by everyone, He was always there to help and knew what he was talking about.  He also was an “Old School Builder” of radio equipment. His participation in NPARC was second to none as he did his best to take part in all activities and events the club was active in.  Vendors at this years Big Event #40 will, I’m sure, miss his smiling face and special wholehearted greetings at the vendor entrance door.

There are many hams out there that have their licences due to the great teaching skills of David.  Many aspiring hams were led through the Basic training manuals and later put through Industry Canada's examinations by David.  David was also very instrumental in esstablishing the GWEN network as his QTH served as "Ground Zero" for the network's establishment.  David, along with many others including Peter Teminski helped establish this network across Southern Ontario.

David would be at the "Gateway TH Coffee Meetings" that at one time ran Monday to Friday but recently only on Thursdays.  Many radio oriented discussions have taken place at these meetings and I am sure the other attendees will miss his valued input.

NPARC and the rest of the Amateur Radio Community has lost a great member, mentor, and operator to the largest “spark transmitter”, the sky and heavens.

Rest peacefully OM

Kaitlynn Mattatall
NPARC Treasurer and Club History


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Frank ve3sq
2017-08-15, 15:10
Very nice web site, looks professional!
OK8RF Rich
2017-01-31, 10:29
Hope you guys have good weather and good attendance like we had for the BIG EVENT #1 which I helped to organize. Wish I could come but am 6705km away … read more
VE3ISX Barry
2016-12-24, 06:51
Excellent job on your website.
The BIG EVENT #39 is now displayed on our main ONTARS.COM page and TPN7055.COM websites.
Good luck with the … read more