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a) Ordinary monthly operating expenditures not exceeding a total of $150.00 per month may be authorized by the president or the vice-president and the treasurer or the secretary. In addition to ordinary monthly expenditures of the club there shall be available to the treasurer the sum of $500.00 for extraordinary expenditures. Extraordinary expenditures not exceeding $500.00 shall be approved by the president and the treasurer. Any other expenditure must be approved by a general meeting of members;

b) At the September Membership Meeting the Executive shall present the membership for approval a financial operating budget for the club for the current physical year;

c) The budget will consist of an income and expenditure projection and a balance sheet. The budget will include an account for the repair and maintenance of club assets;

d) Any expenditures not in the budget must be approved by the membership at a general meeting;

e) Signing authority shall be two of the following executives: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer;

f) In the event of a death of a member in good standing of NPARC, the executive, on behalf of the club will make a donation of $50.00 to a charity chosen by the deceased member’s family.

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